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Auto Transfer Switch(ATS)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM Auto Transfer Switch provides an optimal solution based on the various operational environments. Based on the experiences of switch field accumulated for a long period of time, it provides a user-centered safety and quality and intensive technology recognized at UL. The ATS type of VITZROEM is W Type, WN Type, WP Type and CTTS. The CTTS detects voltage difference and frequency transients between the two power sources after temporarily switching on commercial and emergency power sources, checks for synchronous conditions, and automatically closes the energized switch within 0.1 seconds (100 ms) in the controlled direction. 

VITZROEM ATS is designed and produced by applying IT technology which enables it to provide the optimal solution that is appropriate at any customer’s environment. In addition, we have products that are equipped with various specifications to be applied to various operational environments such as a miniature, enclosed type transfer switch and an uninterruptible transfer switch, ranging from low voltage to high voltage vacuum transfer switches. We export the products to Americas, Europe and Middle East and their technology and quality were recognized. It is a premium product fully equipped with the user-centered protection function to ensure the best safety ever.


※ The CTTS data are included in the ATS catalogue. 

Product Features


1) Each phase is enclosed separately to improve the breaking capacity and safety.

  - Each phase is molded and enclosed individually to improve the breaking capacity and to increase the operational cycle of the product.
  - The operational cycle is semi-permanent since the arc time generated during the switching is short and contact consumption is small.
  - The ensured a steady and stable breaking capacity regardless of the operating voltage through an open operation using a separate breaking spring.
 2) The safety of users has improved.
  - It strengthened the main contact protection and breaking capacity using a 4pole pre-closing and post-breaking structural design.
  - The operational cycle of the product is long since it generates little arc due to a superior switching function.
 3) It seems comfortable due to a compact design for the customers.
  - It enhance the user-friendly image by adopting a volumized shape and created the innovativeness by applying a simple, elefant and advanced product image.
  - It stressed the reliability by adopting a streamlined form which is a simple and clean shape.
  - The products inside the panel board are arranged neatly by applying a clear color. 

Product Rating



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