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Welcome to VITZRO EM website
In July 2017, VITZRO TECH was reborn as VITZRO EM for a new leap forward on the platform of growth that has been achieved during the past half century as the pioneer of the national power industry.

Since its inception in 1955, it has led to development of its industry and strengthened market competitiveness by focusing on the development of technologies as the top priority for acquiring advanced technologies and localization.

Our creative and loyal business spirit makes us the most important service to our customers, and we have made every effort to develop technologies that enrich their lives. Based on our passion for technology development, our deep experience and know-how, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are moving forward to VITZRO EM.

VITZRO TECH will do business of switchgear, energy, electric power IT, software, and the existing electric equipment business will be reorganized as VITZRO EM. Through this, we will establish our respective business areas expertise and respond swiftly to rapidly changing market conditions to maximize the value of our businesses.

In the future, VITZRO EM aims to become a global leader in key competences and enrichment of national infrastructure through new challenges and innovations.

In the 4th era of convergence, we will do our best to grow into a power appliance enterprise.
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