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VITZRO EM Business
Vacuum Circuit Breaker(VCB)

VCB is a result of an optimal vacuum technology and structural design integrated with technologies accumulated while manufacturing vacuum interrupters for the first time in Korea.

Medium Voltage Equipment

This business unit is dedicated to research into high voltage equipment using the technology capabilities that enable the development of vacuum interrupters, high performance circuit breakers, and specialized/special circuit breakers and the production of air load break switches.

Load Break Switch(LBS)

LBS is a product developed from the previous model E3-Class and manufactured based on the 100A fuse-combined type test, which displays an excellent breaking performance and safety.

Air Circuit Breaker(ACB)

ACB is a circuit breaker that passed new IEC standard and KS standard development tests. It is convenient to use with a design that enables a short breaking time and maximum safety.

Low Voltage Equipment

This business unit is dedicated to research into low voltage equipment. By leveraging our reputation and technological prowess in the field of medium voltage equipment, this unit produces low voltage equipment such as ATS, ACB, MCCB, ELCB and providing a comprehensive portfolio to customers.

Auto Transfer Switch(ATS)

 ATS provides an optimal solution based on the various operational environments. It is designed and produced by applying IT technology which enables it to provide the optimal solution.





 Supply of digital protection relay series (VIPAM) and digital multi-functional integrated meter series (VIMAC).


VIPAM3500C is a digital integrated protection relay that enables high-precision measurement and protection relay for switchgear power equipment.

The switchgear panel became compact by connecting various protection functions with DSP algorithms and high-speed logic functions to enable flexible engineering.

Surge Protective Device(SPD)
Surge Protective Device


Surge Absorbers(SA)



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